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Supply and demand analysis of global LED industry in 2016

It is predicted that in 2015 the global high brightness LED market value of up to $, but only 2% years of growth. Despite the use of LED number in the lighting demand driven by the continued to grow, but with improved efficiency, LED using a few pieces of reduction, coupled with the decline in value of the pressure, therefore, is expected within the next five years, LED industry annual compound growth rate is difficult to reproduce in the past more than 10% growth rate, industry into a long will be slowing down. Earlier, the industry veteran analyst at a LED lighting market analysis at an analysis of his LED industry in 2016 on the supply and demand outlook.

Stored in the LED market over the past year, pointed out that in recent years is showing a high growth trend. First in 2007, before the LED application in the mobile phone backlight and keyboard backlight, led to the rise in market demand. Since 2009, TV backlight started into the application, then including smart phones, tablet PCs, LED lighting market off, led the market value of follow wave after wave of new applications come out and pushed up. Study found that over the past decade, the entire industry average annual compound growth rate of about 20%-30%, but in the past two years, the growth rate of output value significantly showed a downward trend.

Various mainstream applications growth momentum slowed

He said, according to the relevant statistics of the 2015 this year output growth probably maintained at 2%, even once doubt this year will show a negative state of decay, and among the most important reason is various mainstream application growth momentum slowed. With the use of a number of reduction, the efficiency of the upgrade, the output value is gradually declining. Although the part of the lighting and car parts or continued to grow, but the growth rate has slowed down. Part of the vehicle is due to the need to import a longer time, but the growth rate is not as obvious as the previous backlight. So it is estimated that the annual compound growth rate of the whole industry in 2015 is only about 3% in. .

At the same time, with the decline in the prices of mainstream applications, it will make the whole market appears a relatively smooth state. In the case of the market price is too low to see the backlight, most manufacturers are going to UVI this kind of niche market. And in the case of a large number of vendors invested resources, the future of these niche markets, there may be some technical breakthroughs and growth space.

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